Video Golf Lessons


Golf Swing Evaluation

Send Me Your Swing!

Maintenance Check-Up

-Send 2 views of golf swing *(Front on & Down the Line)

1-*Use the Swing Catalyst App,  to take video & then Upload to JLGolf site 

2-Video review from Jordan will follow with audio instructions and personalized drills for improvement

3-follow up questions, email etc regarding initial evaluation

*see directions below



Video Lesson

1on1 via FaceTime Lesson (30-45 min LIVE)

1-video review afterwards with drills

2-send two views of golf swing up to 1 week following lesson for analysis & follow up answers/questions

$65 or 30 minutes of previously purchased package (par or birdie)

3 - Month Online

Video Program

One (1) Face Time Lesson per month

1-send up to 4 additional swings/week as follow up for new analysis

2-consistent feedback and answers with updated, individualized drills weekly