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JLG - High School Development

The 2021 JLG High School Development program is for junior golfers looking to have a solid process for improvement and preparation for high school/college golf, or to make golf a lifelong sport in general!! 

Consistent, Guided Practice + Knowledge = KEY to Improvement 

The program is structured to help build all-around junior golfers. The program will include all facets of building a confident player. All coaching will be lead by LPGA Class A Professional, Jordan Lintz.

Topics of focus for the program will include: structured practice sessions in small groups of 3-5 (winter 3 max), individual lessons, rules seminars, skills testing, golf etiquette sessions, golf fitness sessions and more. This year, the HS Development students will have the chance to play the same time as the Junior Academy's Op 36 Challenges. 9 holes will be played from a hole-out perspective (shorter distances) up to 3x per semester with the goal of "learning how to shoot par or better". This new opportunity to play more will only further their golf development!


  • Golfers 8th-12th grade
  • Desire to improve their golf games!
  • Become more efficient when you play, work towards breaking 100, 90, or 80 step by step
  • Positive attitude and work ethic


  • 2-hour weekly practices (Winter only 1.5 hours)
  • Every practice/training day will have a different focus. All geared toward building strong and consistent fundamentals, lowering scores and learning how to compete. Examples of a typical practice may include 2-3 of the following:
    • Short Game drills and better club selection game plans
    • Putting Improvement - distance control, alignment and green reading strategies
    • Solid ball striking foundation
    • Wedge distance control practice 
      • actual distances measured via Flightscope
    • Iron distance control. Learn to be consistent and how to choose the right club. All State Honors
      • actual distances measured via Flightscope 
    • Driving consistency
    • K-Vest Biofeedback 
    • Add clubhead speed and balance for power
    • Decision making tactics
    • Skill Testing
    • Shot making improvements
    • Golf fitness exercises and drills for core strength and flexibility improvement
  • Small group (3-5 juniors) practice & on-course play with peers 
    • Winter Indoors 2 juniors, 3 maximum
  • JLGolf Gear
  • Op 36 On Course Challenges

WHEN:  *Due to COVID Winter (indoor classes) limited to 3 participants wearing masks

SEMESTER I (Spring) $475

*can do individual sessions @ $80per 2hours for spring ONLY. CLICK HERE to hold your spot!


  • 1-3pm
  • April 24 - May 29


  • 1-3pm
  • April 24-May 29

6, 2 hour classes - 12 Total Hours of Instruction

  • 1 Op 36 On-Course Challenge Included in Semester price. (more can be added)
  • Op 36 On-Course Play Dates TBD
  • make up date for Spring Semester TBD
  • *max 5 players per class. more classes added as registration requires

SEMESTER II (Summer I) $475


  • 1-3pm 
  • June 16 - July 22

6, 2 hour classes  - 12 Total Hours of Instruction

  • 1 Op 36 On-Course Challenge Included in semester price (more can be added)
  • OP36 On-Course Play Dates TBD
  • *Max 5 players per class. more classes added as registration requires



  • 1-3pm
  • September 11th, 18th, 25th, October 2nd, 16th, 23rd

6, 2 hour classes - 12 Total Hours of Instruction

  • 1 Op 36 On-Course Challenge Included
  • OP 36 *On-Course Play Dates TBD
  • *Make Up Dates TBD


(1)  JLGolf “Performance Team” Platinum Package 


$2000 one time fee ($3,000+ value)

Package Includes:

  • ALL HS Practices -->  Winter (9hours) , Semesters 1-4 (48 hours)
  • 3, Op 36 On Course Challenges (9 holes) PER SEMESTER (12 total)
  • Extra JLGolf Gear/Supplies ($150+ value)
  • Assistance with tournament scheduling, planning and preparation with Jordan 
  • 2, 30 minute private lessons
  • OP 36 App access  for stat-keeping & practice planning

  (2) JLGolf Team "2021 Package"

$850 one time fee ($1000+ value)

Package Includes: 

  • Choose ANY 21 classes throughout the 2021 year 
    • Can select from Winter, Semesters 1-4
    • *Full time students get 1st choice of class (limited to 3 students  in winter and 5 the rest of year)
  • ANY 6 Op 36 On Course Challenges throughout 2021
  • Extra JLGolf Gear/Supplies ($150+ value)  
  • OP 36 App access for stat-keeping & practice planning                                 

(3) "CHALLENGE"  Package

$300 per semester

Package Includes: 

  • Choose  ANY 3, 2 hour classes per semester (Winter choose 4 classes - no Op 36) 
  • 2, OP 36 On Course 9 hole Challenges (not winter)
  • *Warning! Full time students get 1st pick on class date. 3 max students (winter), 5 max students rest of year

(4) Pay as You Go - Per Semester

  • $450 each individual session ($400 winter)
  • $75 per 2-hr practice session (if space available)
  • $30 Additional Op 36 On-Course Challenges (9holes)