Upcoming Programs:

Thursday's After Work Golf 'n' Vino

September 5th - Putting

September 19th - Chipping & Pitch Shots

September 26th - Drivers, Hybrids and FW Woods



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Thursday Night Clinics

2019 Women’s Thursday Clinics @ JLGolf Studio

There will be a variety of golf programs throughout the year especially designed for game improvement, lower scoring, improved fundamentals, distance control, improved mental  game and of course FUN - all in a group setting with so much more!!  If you’re not looking for a lot of mechanical changes, and just want a slight “tweak” of your fundamentals, these programs are for you! 

Please sign up for these clinics on “ForeTees” login online or email Jordan directly - jordanlintzgolf@gmail.com


Thursday Nights After Work Clinics and Wine
  • Thursdays from 5:30-6:30pm Beginning April 25th
  • All female members welcome along with guests
  • Cost is $30pp
  • Stay for happy hour afterwards! (1) beverage of choice is included
  • Each session with a new focus (putting, chipping, irons, driver, etc)